Tuesday, 4 June 2013


 On the 31st of May, the V&A museum had an amazing programme "WHITE NIGHTS" with loads of fun activities inspired by Russian folk culture. My very cool illustrator friend, Alex Galea also had a workshop on how to make creative Russian dolls or Ryoshka! since we had such a great time working together on the last workshop, I speedily volunteer and couldnt wait to get my hands dirty! The workshop ran from 5 to 10 but it felt so fast to me, seeing everyone enjoying themselves and really giving it a go. The great thing about the V&A is that they have a super diverse visitors and they all very willing to participate! from very small kids with families, teenage couples, office workers and amazing elders. They started to queue before the workshp open and it was packed all through the evening. So have a look yourself how much fun we had! and let me know which on is your favorite Ryosha?

All photos are from the V&A official flikr, please check it out for more amazing events photos.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Creative Warmup workshop

I was invited as a guest artist among Thailand top class designers (head designer from Ductstore and director of Wallpaper mag, MMFK the street artist, Sixtysix visual photographer, etc) at Pomme Chan's Creative Warmup workshop on 10th of March 2013, sponsered by Absolute Vodka. I gave a talk to selected group of 40 participants, from particing interior designers, graphic designers to fellow illustrators. The session was really interesting, I love hearing everyone different point of views and learn from everyone's experience. At the end I also gave portfolio surgery and it just blew my mind away how talented the new Thai designers really are! Thanks to all who came and looking forward to see you again at the nest workshop! :)

Saturday, 23 March 2013

เปิดเล่มเปิดโลก Smart reader club TV interview

3rd of March marked my lastest TV interview with Smart Reader Club program on national channel Thai PBS. The feature was about my latest exhibition "EX-LIBRIS" at Mellow Bangkok and how  books from childhood got me through life till today. They also asked me to recommend a book and I chose "There's a boy in the girls bathroom" by Louis sachar first published in 1987. I really relte to the main character Bradley and by reading the book I realised I wasnt the only one taking to imaginary friends, being socially awkward, and falling in love with the teacher! I also drew him as a part of the EX-LIBRIS series. If you missed the show you can watch it here (its in Thai by the way!)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Journey of Mystic Lost, Revisited: mini exhibition at Bangkok Time, Japan


         Opened in December 2012, Bangkok Time Cafe & Bar is a new hip place in Fukuoka Japan. They hold exhibitions by emerging Thai artist and I was invited to be the first one on the show! Very much honoured. The works displayed are from my 2011 series "Journey of Mystic Lost", recreated to fit the atmosphere and the space.
         For more info please visit their website: http://www.bangkoktime.jp/

Monday, 14 January 2013

Donmaung Artworkshop: Fairytale illustrated

 I was asked by Donmaung Songkhaor Charity to organise a 1 day workshop for selected students from the 3 local schools in the district. Originally from Donmaung myself, I thought it would be a great chance to connect with the younger generation in the community and inspired them with my own journey. The workshop was themed around "Fairytale" as it was quite accessible to the avarage age of the group:8-10 years old. I first expected only a few to turned up but there were in total 75 very eager participants came for the workshop. It was a full-on day but the thought of having inspired the kids from my own home town made it all worthy.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Teaching at CARIS summer camp (Olympic Edition)

             In summer 2012, I was invited to be a guest teacher at CARIS (Christian Action and Response In Society), a charity in Harringay. The children were having a great time in their Olympic theme activity-packed summer camp, and I get to organise a one day workshop for them. Working with my beloved illustrators and tutors Gary Powell and Andrew Foster, as well as Kanitta Meechubot, we came up with "making the news" sessions where a group of kids get to make their own report of the Olympic. The headlines includes: "who I was with when I saw the Olympic?", "The heart of the game", "my favorite sport star", etc. At the end I also chose a few works to put together as a program of their summer camp closing ceremony. Working with the small kids (age 5 to 12) was a real challenge for me, their attention span and ability are very different from any other age group I had tought. At the end of the day though, it all came down together really well! They all did had a great time and their artwork reflects what the Olympic is really about for me; it bring people together. The kids left the center with smilling faces and that gave a big smile on mine as well.

Workshop at Wallace Collection with Erin Petson


      On 13th of October 2012, Fashion illustrator Erin Petson asked me to assist her with her Fashion illustration workshop at the Wallace Collection. The museum being one of my favorites in London, I said yes right away! Working with Erin was so inspiring. Although she's one of today's top fashion illustrators, she is extremely nice and generous with the girls. She showed her techniques and interesting appoarch of drawing inspired from the Baroque art collection in the museum. It's a small class of 12 students (all girls!) so they all get to draw and model and fully participate in the lesson.